Part 3 - Unit 7

Project 2 research - intangible immersive interaction (projection, light and artificial environment) research and print research

James Turrell - Projection Pieces

I think this work could be a good inspiration as a stepping stone - from my scale project and another perspective of how to make white space with white light - through to using this as well as creating a space with lack of depth perception just be able to focus even more on just being. 

 I think it would also benefit from trying both a block colour of light and creating a whole white space as these projections show. I think it would be more obvious that its about white space and easier to focus on the white space and not the area inside of the white space. 

James Turrell - Projection Pieces - Pullen (white)(1967)



These pieces  play with how light changes the 'viewers depth perception'. 

In my previous project I used matt material to try and create a lack of sense of depth. Maybe I can find a way to do this with light- lack of depth to hopefully absorb you int the piece. Losing that sense of depth almost could help you lose other senses or and really help focus and experience nothingness with no distractions that would mean that you couldn't experience just being if you were thinking about something else. 


Even though this is really interesting and it definitely links to how I would like the experience to be developed - with pushing further my scale project and light as immersive art with no sense of environment/depth around you, the way that Turrell explored this I don't think I would adopt. Obviously the colour is a big distraction but also the lights in themselves. The shape and intensity I think would be quite distracting so I would need to think about how I could use the theory behind it and adapt it to my concept. 

Using light to change viewers depth perception in a way that helps them engage with nothingness and just being by surrounding them in less distractions as lack of depth is almost in a way like floating or not knowing what your surrounded by, surrounded by nothingness. As long as the light creating this isn't a distraction in itself. 

James Turrell - SHALLOW SPACE CONSTRUCTIONS - Rondo Blue , 1969


28.10.17 - white space - Anthony McCall - Line Describing a Cone - 1973

My scale activity spurred a new idea of an light installation as an experience and reminded me of this research from my original white space project.

I like how this piece is  Literal manifestation of white space - its another way that I could communicate my idea exploring if we can experience nothingness. It is another way to view an interactive experience. 

The way that it creates a physical space that is intangible I think is a parallel to how I am creating nothingness with something- an experience - Its there but it isn't. 

I saw in my previous reflection I wrote "I also appreciate how this piece symbolises the fact that white space is often given a form of a shape as this is the only way it can be in the world as it has often no symbolism. no meaning, no composition and no embellishment. " 

I wonder what shape I would choose to be relevant to nothingness- what shape suggests this. 


28.10.17 - white space - Anthony McCall - Line Describing a Cone - 1973


James turrell - Prints - deep sky 1984

Prints by James Turrell look like they are based on his projection for having a way to view light.

It could be interesting to try this for my one day project to document my projection. It could extend my graphic media I have used and I think it is a nice way to view the light simply. It could turn my abstract pieces to be more graphically communicative and make sure I don't step too far out of the graphic area or at least make sure I'm always coming back to graphic communication. This is also a way that I can bring back to graphic communication conceptually, and to a tangible outcome whilst in the one day project really focusing on the way I can provoke as this is what my graphic work is doing - provoking thought. by exaggerating the white space with black it is made even more obvious that my work is about white space. 

James Turrell - Prints - deep sky 1984


James Turrell - Ganzfelds

" Turrell creates a similar experience of “Ganzfeld”: a German word to describe the phenomenon of the total loss of depth perception as in the experience of a white-out. "


Ganzfeld is the much better solution to Turrells Shallow space constructions as an approach for light to create no sense of depth - to allow you to be lost or surrounded by nothingness with no distraction. 

I think I would like to explore this element combining my projection and light perspective of displaying white space with my first project where materials allow you to have no sense of depth to allowing you to be almost lost in the white space, having no distraction allowing yourself to completely be. 

James Turrell - Ganzfelds - Breathing light 2013


James Turrell - Dark Spaces

" A Turrell Dark Space is an enclosed room with no seemingly perceivable light. The concept of a Dark Space is not about what one is supposed to see but the experience of what Turrell describes as “seeing yourself see.” "


I find the way that James Turrell views light as a way to hep people experience a certain concept. Its not really a feeling but a way of thinking 'to see yourself see'. He describes how it is not what you are seeing specifically but what you can experience. I wonder if I can apply his way of approaching his concept with darkness to my concept with white.

James Turrell - Dark Spaces - Selene, 1984